KLX250S vs DR350S

Ok, Im finally in the new market after selling my old reliable DR350. The specs on the DR as follows. Exhaust, kn filter, jetted, old kickstart version. Stock suspension, k760 tires....1990 model. I was satisfied with the power of the dr 350 for what I did with it. I commuted about 10 miles with it daily and beat it on the trails on the weekend. I even hit an occasional NCHSA hare scramble event with it. Heres my question. Is the klx almost even in the power department with the dr350? If so im sold, because the klx has better suspension, is lighter.....and of course it has the magic button. I would do all of the free mods and strip the bike down to bare necesities as soon as i got it and put some trakmasters on it. Any input? Anyone rode both a dr350 and a klx 250? I dont mind spending money on sprockets, exhaust, springs......but dont wanna spend a ton on the motor to get it where my dr350 was. Oh yeah, the bike Im eyeballing is an 07 klx250s....



Well, what's the power output on a stock DR350?

If it's 30HP as i'm seeing one google result turn up (this is the only result btw), then the KLX will be dissapointing. 28 is the highest i've seen a KLX up to online, and that's after a bore kit, a pumper carb, an exhaust kit, airfilter, freemods, all that good stuff.

:worthy: my klx300 isfaster then my Buds dr350.both have free mods.

PM sent.

18HP stock KLX250s.

Not a power-monster, and quite frankly, is not light. Mine weighs in at over 270lbs wet.

But I do love it though. I ride 90% street and find it very smooth, quiet, and well behaved. The almost-12 inches of travel makes for a fairly capable off-road ride as well.

The 28HP one I have read about was a morphed version of the KLX250s with 330cc and mucho-mods....not even close to the stock version.


oviously you have head of what every one else has said but I think u would be much happier on a klx. In the long run it is and face it the klx is a little bit moore modernized good luck.

A stock DR350s gets about 20-22 hp 25 with mods and pipe and weighs about 315#. The kawi feels like 20lbs lighter with better suspension.

Remember the smaller kawi is a liquid cooled with a DOHC 4 valve head and should have about the same top end power with maybe less mid and bottom.

I have an XT350 and recently bought a KLX250S. I believe the XT and DR have very similar power. The XT feels like a complete powerhouse compared to the KLX. I haven't done any mods yet, but will most likely put a 330cc kit on it soon. The KLX is really down on low end power compared to the XT, but the suspension is much better.

The great thing about the KLX is that it has so much potential for more power.

KLX= Better suspension

DR= More power

I have owned a DR350 and currently own a KLX300 (not KLX250). IMO The DR with similar mods has more power, but my KLX handles way better stock than my DR with professionally built suspension. Overall I like the KLX(300) much better. After a long day of riding I don't feel like I got mugged by a 300+lb bully.

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