front bearings

Hello all. Time for replacing the front bearings. I know i can take them out and find the # and go to a bering house BUT does anyone know what the number of the bearingsare so i can get them ahead of time and put them in the same night. i know the rear are 6004. What are the front ones. thanks guys.

the # on the brg is 6904 koyo.

SKF # 61904-2RS1.

i cant thank you enough. Thanks for the reply. How did you know this. Did you write it down when you did your own or did your own or did you remember. You rock the house down.

they had the part # for the coil on my 93 TDM850!

all online!

I would guess that for 13$ you get chinese bearings?

I don't believe you will find that price for a domestic or european mfg.

what is the difference??

:D Quality really, chineese bearings are not as "Good" as others,

this must be one of the few things cheaper "Over here" then "Over there", I just replaced my front wheel bearings with SKF 2RS and paid £17 for the pair :)

so what did you use chinese ones or another countries. I was figuring what ever country they come from there had to be a standard?

:) SKF are european and are top notch, I use them in all my bikes with no trouble,

I had a Honda CRM 2 stroke before the WR which was notoriosly hard on wheel bearings, I had to replace them in a hurry and could only get cheap ones, they only lasted two months before needing replacing again :D I did it properly the 2nd time with SKF ones and they are still in it now!

As to standards, well yes , but all Gold sticker helmets are the same standard, but I would rather wear an Arai than a cheap and cheerful make :D

When you do yours make sure you get the "2RS" variety, this is 2 Rubber Seals, cos you can get single seal ones, The bearings are as good but they get alot more water/grit etc into them

I just replaced mine and had the old ones in my toolchest in the box from the new ones.

The skf double sealed are pricey though.

35$ each!

they are on rocky mountian ATV for 13 bucks. Sounds like you got robbed. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

the bearings that i got were european made. They were water sealed. Any way the guys at motion sports use the hell out of these bearings s they probably get a great deal on them. The ones that were in there were the stock ones. Not bad for cheap chinese non sealed bearings.

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