high compression piston in an 06

Hi, i just ordered a high compression piston for my bike, dont ask me why but it is 13.5:1... Is that too much for pump gas or even pump with octane booster. because where i live in canada its very hard and expensive to find race gas. Also will reliability be a issue with the internals all stock with this set up. It is a wiseco...

thanks Bleed blue!!!

It's a 13.5:1 because stock compression is 12.5:1. Haven't seen one that I was aware of in an '06, but lots of people run that compression in earlier YZF's on pump premium without problems. Reliability normally does not suffer from compression increases unless you let it ping.

My 07 with a 13.5:1 piston runs great on pump gas.

cool thanks guys ill run it on 94 with some octane boster and see how she does.

I raced my motard for 2 years with a wiseco 13.5:1 in it. No problems. I used race gas for races and high octane pump for trail riding and fartin around

How do you guys like the hi-comp piston compared to stock?

i love it in my 06, it just pulls harder everywhere

i love it in my 06, it just pulls harder everywhere

Sounds like a winter project {I HATE WINTER!] what do they cost? Does it give the bottom a little more juice?

I've never rode the bike stock. As soon as I got it, it was stripped and the motor built. Im thinking of sticking the stock one back in it for road use for next year.

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