finally done!!

Well, i bought a 98 wr this winter, I needed a project. I have since taken it down to the frame, re pwdercoated everyting that looked old, ported and polished the heads, got big intake valves, re timed it, about everything talked about here on the forum has been updated, replaced about every bearing and bushing on it, got a yz seat and ims tank from a fellow tter, race tech valves and, and i even powdercoated the swingarm black (i think it looks cool) etc... well, i rode it for the first time today....HOLY CRAP!! What a ride! The 755/756 tire combo is amazing and i had a blast. thanks for all your help, guys. anybody want to trade me a wr tank and seat for a yz tank? :) Now i need to find another wr for my dad, i am now a fan of the yamahas and will be for a long time. happy riding! thanks again!

I have a 2001 WR426 and am looking for a YZ set up. I'll consider a trade if everything will bolt up and it's in good condition. Let me know.

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