CR style brake lines?

i need to replace the brake lines on my bike, and i ahve 2 options. "Galfer Front Steel Braided Brake Line" and "Galfer Front Steel Braided Brake Line CR Style" what is the difference (what does the CR mean?) thanks

I'm asuming your bike is pre 05. Any way, the CR style lines route the way Honda CR brake lines have routed for years. All the other manufactures have since adopted the Honda style line routing in 2005 I believe. Basicly CR style routing is more direct and gives better feel.

The '04 and earlier YZ's run the front brake line down the front of the fork tube, loop it under the front axle through a cast channel in the axle lug, then up into a second loop to the caliper.

The CR style runs down tne front to a clamp where the hose clip on your fork guard is, then crosses behind the fork on the inside, directly to the caliper.

When using OEM hoses, there is a distinctly different, more solid feel to the CR setup by virtue of the hose being shorter. Either Galfer, or any other such high grade braided stainless line, is stiffer than the OEM line in either configuration, because the hose itself has a higher resistance to "ballooning" under pressure.

The OEM style hose from Galfer will be a simpler, bolt-on installation. The CR style is lighter, neater looking, easier to bleed, and since you won't need the plastic cover on the fork lug anymore, it makes front wheel removal simpler, too, and you can run CR style fork guards without the guides on the top. The drawback is that you have to have some kind of clamp to hold the hose on the guards.

I used the white plastic CR style guards from Lightspeed when I did the hose on my '03. They were $40 and have a clamp lug built in. Then I tweaked the hose holding clamp from the bottom front of the OEM hose to solve the clamp problem. The CR routed hose may come with a clamp, too, depending on who's selling it.

Of course, if your bike's an '05 or newer, you can only use the CR style.

Put a Ride Engineering CR style brake line on my WR and was amazed with the change!

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