XR650R Front axle play

I noticed a little side to side play in the front wheel on my XR650R. I have had a set of Supermoto wheels on it for a few years and they have no play from side to side. While swaping wheels back to the stockers I noticed about .030" of side to side movement. I took it a part and looked eveything over and everything looks fine. I thought it might be the wheel bearings or the spacer in the hub so I popped the bearings out and they are fine. I put all the parts spacers and bearings on the axle and installed it in the forks, torqued it down and the slop is still there. All the parts can slide a little on the axle. I don't know if this is a problem or not and if it is I'm not sure how to get rid of the slop without machining new spacers.

My guess is that it is either bearings or that you didn' push the forks together when you tightened the axle clamp on the right fork.

I bet that its the bearings and that you just couldnt tell they were worn with out the axle being through them acting like a lever.

my .02

Yeah, I'm thinking the bearings also. The weird thing is they look perfect and spin nice and smooth. But it's the only part that would wear out. I guess after 7 years I should replace the bearings weither they look like they need it or not.


I had the problem you described with my rear wheel. Bearings felt good but after replacing them, the movement went away.

Another vote for wheel bearings.

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