Stator & Flywheel on '03 YZ450

I purchased an '03 YZ450 from it's 2nd owner last week. He stated the "the original owner changed the balancer or something" which I assumed was the flywheel. When I picked the bike up from him, he gave me a small box with a couple 1/2 full quarts of oil (which I'll probably use in my mower or something), a new oil filter, and a Yamaha parts box which has the original stator and flywheel in it.

I've done some searching here on info regarding the common heavier flywheel change, especially on '03's, but from what I've read, it isn't necessary to change to a matching stator (?). If it isn't necessary to change the stator, I'm wondering why he did. Possibly he was having ignition problems or something...(?).

The Yamaha parts box that has the stator and flywheel in it has a part number of 5SF-85560-00, which I am assuming is the one he put in the bike. The old flywheel has F5 TA00 2XG stamped on it, and the old stator has 5SF-00 2XJ printed on it.

To cure my curiosity, does anyone have a guess as to why the stator was changed also?, or was the different stator required to match the new, heavier flywheel.(?). I have no idea what the numbers are on the flywheel on the bike.



No idea why it was changed, of course, but the PN 5SF-85560-00-00 is the old number for the stator. It was replaced by 5XD-85560-00-00 (the last two zeros are often left off of box labels to confuse people.)

It is not necessary to replace the stator to add a heavier flywheel, but they do sometimes fail.

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