Rmz450 Taller Handle Bars

I Own A 06 Rmz 450 And It Seems The Bars Are Very Low.. What Bars Would You Guys Recomend. Im A 6 1 Tall.


I am also 6'1" and run CR high bend. They feel a lot better than stock.

I am using the RC regular bend Renthals, about 1/2" higher than stock but a much better bend to them. They make a RC high bend but that would have been too tall for me at 5'9".

I run the RC Hi....tallest renthal makes, pretty wide and has a nice lite sweep to it. I also use applied bar risers which push things up a few millimeters as well as forward. Really opens up the otherwise cramped RMZ.

I am 6'2"....not that tall but i am pretty gangly, really long legs and long arms and it makes working on the track difficult sometimes (although glorious in the whoops)

My mate who is a big guy runs the standard bars quite far forward and has bar risers, Feels very uncomfortable for me but he loves it. Also a very cheap mod to do.

check out the racer x videos with vuillemin, his protapers are really high on the new rmz

The ProTaper Windham bend is really nice too. I prefer it to the CR high, as it has less pullback. You can also try rotating your bars forward to get more cockpit room - I run mine at 1/2 degree forward of center. Here are some charts on the ProTaper bends:



I agree.. but I'm running the twinwall, Windham bend... with 10mm taller mounts... rotated a bit forward also.

I have my mounts in the forward position. I like the Windham bend bars. Much more comfortable than stock.

rc high renthal fatbar

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