wr/yz wheel swap?

I have an 07 wr450 and I bent my back rim up pretty bad a few weeks ago. I found a set of yz450 wheels that are off of an 04(i think) and the rotor doesn't seem to fit right in the caliper. ***? Did I just put my wheel on crooked, are the spacers not symetrical(used my wr ones) or do I need to shim the rotor? I would really like to make this rear wheel work so that when I get the stocker fixed I have 2 sets of wheels. That would be really convenient. I would like to know though if this is a lost cause or anything, before I really get into it and it melts my cranium. Thanks.

The YZ has a 19", WR 18" rear. I don't think it will work.

19" or 18" wheel should not matter, it's all about the hub and rotor and caliper.

The 04 YZ and WR share the identical brake/hub/disk components, however, there is a difference between the 04 and 07 components, so I believe the brake has been redesigned.

I've checked on line, and the hub you have on your 07 is identical to the 04 WR/YZ hub, so you shouldn't have to do anything but use teh 07 spacers and 07 rotor to make it work properly - you'll just have a 1" larger rim on the bike.

Go here to cross reference your part numbers and verify:


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