Workshop service manual for WR426?

Hi All,

I live in the UK and have just bought a new

WR426. Moving across from a DRZ400 (girls bike!).

I need to get hold of a full workshop service manual, does anyone know the part number?

Thanks for your help.


Probably the best (or only) place to get it is the Yamaha Dealer. They should know the part number, but if not, try 5NG-28199-40 - that is the one for my P model (2002).

You should have got one from the dealer, along with some jets, a spare sprocket, the sparkplug and spoke spanners etc... The Factory Spares Kit... came with my bike... Perhaps the dealer will remember what happened to it if you go in and ask... menacingly... :)

Good luck


[ March 26, 2002: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

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