My best mod 13/45

I have done of mods here and there but the best thus far, and the cheapest.... I geared down more. I am running 13/45. before that I could bearly power wheelie in 1st now (14/45) I can even get it up in 2nd in the grass (just spins in the dirt). I wanted to do 14/48 but the damn nuts are so tight on the rear sprocket I couldnt get em off, the bike had new sunstars front and rear and a moose chain when I bought it. He must have torqed the hell out of em. The only problem is I think the 13 might be too small be cause I think the sprocket retainer might be touching the chain, I will ride it a couple of mile and then take it off and look for wear.

I can now ride in tight trails in 2nd gear, the rear wheel breaks loose at will and EASY 1st gear power wheelies. I dont really ride on the highway so I like the acceleration and torque at the cost of top speed. I think I might try 13/48 if I can get the back sprocket off then I will have motocross like gearing, I will probbaly have to go to a full knobby to ride in the dirt then.

cheaper, the better!

A 13 front works fine, it just wears a little quicker than a 14.

Replace it when it starts to hook, 2 or 3 13 tooth sprockets for every rear sprocket/chain.

They're cheap, though.


i'm running 13/45 on mine.with a white bros E2,hot cam,uni,dave's mod, desmogged (IMS), desnorkledsoon to have a powerbomb.the gearing is the best bang for the buck if your on road is limited.

As far as I can tell there are only two very minor downsides to running a 13 countershaft sprocket and both are wear related. Because of the smaller diameter the chain will be on the swingarm a little more than with a larger sprocket. The chain has to bend a little more to wrap around the smaller sprocket than it would wit a larger one.

Like I said both of these are very minor concerns. I might be sensitized because my chain did wear through my slider a few months ago. I caught it before the chain ate the swingarm though.

I have found that running 13/48 does help a lot when on the super tight single track. It allows me to stay in second in places where I had to shift into first before.

Gearing is the best thing ive learned over the years, dont have a selection for the L yet But my YZ250 i have run from 15/42 to 13/51 and i have about 6 or so different combos in between.

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