My First Trail Patrol Chase......They'll never take me alive!

Well... It was bound to happen sooner or later..Out rippin in an ORV area in Alabama yesterday when I came across an area where 4 Wheelers had created a mud pit from hell right in the middle of the outbound trail to the loop area. Well not wanting to pilot the big blue submarine like (GA426Owner) once did, I decided to blaze my own trail.(An area I might add that had also been used by others during the day as well)....So down the hill and up the other side I went, much more fun than staying on the trail, you know jump a couple of logs , wheelie over a creek bed....anyway I noticed (after) I had made my new route that there was a backup of people down in the curve where the mud pit was....I also noticed the Trail Police was scoulding someone....any way I ripped on up the trail. About a mile or so later my riding partner RSK caught up and pulled along side and warned me that the law was hot on my trail and was going to give me a ticket for going off trail.....Well the outlaw in me took over and the chase was on. I sat in the curve waiting, and sure enough the Ol' 4 wheeled smokie bear wanna be was giving it all it had....I swear there were whip marks across the rear fender...Wanting to see just how far barney was willing to take this I spurred ol blue and we were off....minutes later Sherrif Ricochet was just a fading memory....We stopped at a trail head junction about 6 miles down the trail and waited...Robert (the inspirition for the 50ft Roost Zone Sticker - Blue knocked him out a few weeks ago) rolled up and warned us that Deputy Dog was still inbound and headed our way..(I have to give this guy credit he was persistent) a couple of minutes later he popped over the hill in full gallup...The cavalry heading into the battle of little big horn...We drew him into a false sence of security thinking we were going to surrender....But, just when he smelled victory, we were off to the races again...This time it was just too much for the Royal Mountee to handle and he quietly retreated to the safety of the parking lot....

The chase must have really kicked his butt....We looked for him all the way back to the trailer about 45 minutes later...He was no where to be seen...We did get a pretty strange look from another Trail Patrol rider when we were loading up....He hesitated fo a moment then rode off as I took my Thor Jersey off to Reveal my Police T_Shirt underneath.....(I used to be a cop)...anyway it was fun for all concerned....I'll bet even Secret Squirrel enjoyed the chase....

FOR THE RECORD: I know I shouldn't have left the trail....I'm sorry...I will TRY not to do it again.

Bonzai :)

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Your information is being forwarded to the Alabama Forrestry Commision.

if only they understood.

Yeah, uh great. Just great. Maybe they got it all on film for you and the rest of us. Maybe we can all watch it at the hearings to close the area and then ask them for the tape so we can remember what it was like to ride.

I have met very few rangers that wanted to shut down someone's day. It is their job to enforce the rules. Sorry you don't like them, I don't particularly like a lot of them either.

You say you were a cop. Ever had to do anything that folks disagree with? While I have met very few rangers that were jerks, I have met a LOT of criminals that were. And I have had a number of rangers tell me how to change things and help to change them. They are bright enough to know that without areas for the public, there will be a far lower need for rangers!!!

Last word. What do you usually get at the end of a police pursuit? Most guys I know seem to somehow either slip once in custody or hit their heads getting in the car. Well, maybe next time.

Disengage soapbox.....

yamakaze i think you lit a fire. better delete this post before anyone else reads it.

FOX426... Am I supposed to be scared now? Next you'll be telling me that there will be a possee waiting for me at the Alabama Border. OH Crap I guess I'll have to repaint my Jeep and buy a kawasaki..Oh No Not That! Give Me a damn break!

If they had been SERIOUS about catching me all they had to do was wait at the trail head. I didn't hide. Hell I looked for them all the way back to the parking lot, It's not like I went rogue and snuck back. I returned the same way I went out...WFO...I don't have a little toy machine you can hear it coming for miles.

hodaphile: You can keep the sanctimonious BS to yourself..It doesn't impress anyone.

Lest I forget: On the way back there must have been 5 ATV's Ripping up the groung OFF Trail in the same place I crossed....No Enforcment in sight.

For the Record I have several friends in GA and Ala, that are DNR Wardens and Rangers. As a Matter of fact I called the Ranger Station this morning to apoligize for my infraction before I even created this post.

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Sometimes your ride just needs to run!

it can be more fun than dealing with some BS.

I have a guy with a Big Wheel GOLF cart that thinks he owns the powerline... Sorry, but it runs thru my land as well as his, and its not our property. So I Always just Gun it, and go around him! :)

We both get the Rush, so we Both benefit!

Have Fun!

But don't Piss em off TOO bad :D

It must be something in the air. :) Being employed by the Indiana State Police I was working some of the rual areas in my counties the other week when I noticed something strange.

2 ATV's were in a field near a highway,(I know, that in itself isn't strange) but when one of the ATV's blacked out, pitch black outside, and hopped up on the highway it got my attention. I flipped around and saw that they had went down a county road. Now the car I drive is a little different, it's black, no reflective stickers, and has no light bar on top. It does say Indiana State Police on the doors and windshield but you can't see that until it's to late :D

I just started to pull along side of them and explain to them that 1: in this county you can't ride off road vehicles on the roadway. 2: keep your lights on at night so you won't get killed. Now this is my usual saying when I see this, no real big deal. Well, as I activated my lights and rolled down my window ATV #1 decided he didn't want to stick around and off he went. Now normally we might get a little worried, but this just happened to be one of the areas I ride in. He first tried to out run me, let me think about this...a Polaris 500 vs. 4.6 liter Crown Vic. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun. I got up behind him and hit the loudest siren I had :D , he looked back and saw how close I was and freaked out, you know cartoon face freaked. He had to stay on the road due to the thick tree line, but I knew an entrance to a creek crossing was coming up and that was where he was going to go. So as we approached I cut to the inside blocked it off and he was forced to stop. After he stopped it was just like on COP's. He was ordered on the ground, spread eagle, cuffed and searched for weapons. He keep saying he was sorry, (sorry he got caught maybe) and it was only after he was in custody that I saw what really helped me...the empty 6 cans of Coor's Light in his cooler :D

So after it was all said and done he got a felony resisting charge and a DUI. I got 3 hrs of paperwork for 3 mins of fun, it seems I can never win.

I can see what Yamakaze was doing, just telling a story, no big deal. I and I'm sure most of you have thought about doing the same thing. To me it's just a game, nothing personal. People that run from me don't know me and that's how I look at it.



I've been accused today of preaching in the DRZ forum - so why not here LOL.

Stories like this really burn poeple who go to the meetings to keep trails open - or to get new ones opened. Funny, those meetings are invariably filled with people who think off-roaders are littering, drunk, outlaws - who only think about themselves. Yet, only a couple of concerned off-roaders show up to defend themselves against the accusations. Guess how most of those meetings conclude...


now 696 knows how to say it. Just tellin a story. And we listen and a smile comes across our faces. But the whole thing about turning people in. I think that is a bit much. Panties in a bunch maybe i dont know. I know when i first started driving at the age of 17 i drove a tricked out 1966 ford fairlane 500 2 door fast back. 428 big block barely ideled. Big Cam. Needles to say it was a hot rod and i was 17. Got pulled over 18 times and was at gun point once. I dotn know if it was the car or if i was 17 or if it was a small town where the cops all fit the dognut eating cofee drinking stereo type. Something i have learned isn't true once i moved to the big city. Never got a ticket. As far as being at gun point My car fit the description of a drug dealer coming into town and i was coming into town from hunting. Had three guns in my car. But i told them that as soon as i could. I got a black eye and a little road rash from that episode. That was at the age of 21. So i decided to get a new car. that was a nice little story. Now to my point. I live with an Idaho State police detective. He is the man. i am always telling him the **** that i do and he laughs and says dont get caught. He is cool and not uptight about it. That is my point.

:) Yamakaze, Top story, my man, Everyone knows the rules, if you break em ...and you didn't get caught, no problem, :D There will always be someone who will give you a hard time over nothing, Like you say, you didn't hide or sneak about, if everyone thought about it, moving around the "BombHole " was a lot more sensible than gettin in and chewing even more of it out!!!

Some people are to "Goody Goody... Oh my thats against the rules! ", Some rules were made to be "Bent" Keep roostin! :D

Bill, this is one time that I can say....I 'm glad I was not there, cause I would have followed you & been the one that got caught, with my luck! It is a funny story!!!!!!!.....from the responses to your original thread, maybe you should have submarined that hole from hades........I would have laughed my A$$ off if you were caught & spread eagled on the ground after your body cavity search..... :)

great story yamakaze

for FOX426:

is being a rat bitch your idea of character? Sell your bike and F.O.

Originally posted by BFLee:

great story yamakaze

for FOX426:

is being a rat bitch your idea of character? Sell your bike and F.O.

hey man that is a B.S reply. Keep it clean and grow up a little huh.

Originally posted by BFLee:

great story yamakaze

for FOX426:

is being a rat bitch your idea of character? Sell your bike and F.O.

:) Well said! :D

Originally posted by FOX426:

Your information is being forwarded to the Alabama Forrestry Commision.

Hmnnn.... let me see, Oh yeah thats dead grown up right?

I don't like what you did so I'm telling Teacher on you!

Who needs associates like these!


I think the Norwegians coined the phrase...."Quisling" meaning traitor within! :D

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Originally posted by FOX426:

Your information is being forwarded to the Alabama Forrestry Commision.

Am I the only one that thinks he's kidding?


696, good story. At least the guy didn't litter--he put the emptys back in the cooler.

Let's see. There was the time me and some buddys got shot at from a jeep that had an M-60 mounted on it. We were illegally riding at Camp Robinson in Little Rock.

Then there was the time I got dragged out of my camper by the cops at 3AM in Michigan. This was in a state forest campground. They never told me what it was all about. I got the shotgun hid just in time. All the other campers were looking at me like I was some sort of scrote bag the next day. Ruined my weekend of riding. RR.

Hello my name is RSK and I am here to testify to the events on Sunday the 24 of March at aprox 1400 hours. I was leading the motley crew out for the last loop of the day for my self as I had to leave for work when I went through one of the bogged out corners from hell that our riding friends on 4 wheels has so kindly fixed up for us. Well when I came around the corner I could see a group of 4 wheelers as well as the trial boss talking to them, and I could also see Yamakazi & Bob taking the short cut trail that was in better shape then the bogged out mess I just came through and had been created by the 4 wheelers. At that time I new the race was on as I saw the trail cop fire up his stead and jump in behind me, I went on down the trail in pursuit of Yamakazi so I could inform him of his pursuer. At that point in time Yamakazi decided to leave the scene with out talking to the trail boss, but in his defense we did ride back the same way we rode in and we where looking for the trail cop to talk to him. The thing that I found funny or maybe sad about the whole thing was that when we where going back there where 5 four wheelers at the same location thrashing it! No trail cop to be found ( probably looking for yamakazi ). I agree that we should all stay on the marked trails and obey all the rules set up to keep them in shape as the eco nazi’s are just looking for reason’s to shut them down. But when you have to ride through a mud bog that comes up to your gas tank, you some times look for a better line and for Yamakazi it was down the four-wheeler trail.

I also think it would be a neat experiment to take 2 orv parks and set one up for bikes only and the other up for 4 wheeler only and see which one had the most damage after 6 months, this would include litter out on the trails, the one thing I did notice out there was the fact that the beer cans where all over the place on the side of the trail….. I guess it’s those bike riders you know how easy it is to ride through the woods with your hair on fire while your sipping on a nice cool one.

Can’t we all just get along!!! At a very fast pace!!!!


We all have had the thought of some one trying

to stop us when riding or faithful steeds. This

machine can do and go anywhere faster than any

potential pursuer. After 44 years of thinking i

new better i have submitted to following the rules. Not my no it all it's ok just once nature.

It seems the rules are there for a reason. Hopefully a good one. We must try and be apart of the solution. Yamakazee I've been there and i

almost did that. Thanks for the story. Some times

a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.

Winder till she stinks!!

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