My First Trail Patrol Chase......They'll never take me alive!

It is yellow and it is a suzuki.



I was only kidding. I started to include the smiley or mischevious face but thought the lack of would add intrigue to the post. If you check my post you will see if I was serious they would already be at your door. I have been a cop for 24 years and running from the police on the street for a criminal offense IS different from making tracks through the woods because you were somewhere you were'nt supossed to be. If you had already been stopped and broke custody that would not be cool,but personally, your chase story to me falls in the so what category. You should know on thing from my years of experience when you do something like that if you do get caught any chance of a WARNING is usally gone. BTW I understood your story from the start. And took it for the lighthearted tale it was. No harm, no foul. I did'nt expect such a fanatical response.Come on guys DON'T PET THE SWEATY THINGS. :):D

Thanks for clearing that up FOX426. I apologize to you and the board in general for my harsh reply.

Well put GA426, I was thinking along those same lines. Yamakazi shares a funny story and somebody has to come along and spoil the fun, it just pissed me off.

let the replys and apologies come rolling in. LOL

Group hug?

I agree with whoever said if I was being chased by someone I'd never know it. As Yamakaze knows, when I ride I ride pretty much WFO. If someone is chasing me and they're gonna catch me, they'll have to be pretty quick.

I am quite amazed at the response to the post of my miss-adventure. For the record, I did actually call the district Rangers office prior to making my post and discussed the situation with them. (GA doesn’t have an extradition agreement with ALA that covers Trail Jumping and out running the Trail Patrol) I was not concerned that I would be taken into custody for felony flight. My indignant response was aggravated by the implication that someone would be so crass as to appoint themselves as the Thumpertalk Bounty hunter. I knew that blowing off the Trail Patrol was the wrong thing to do, but you know, there are times when you say to yourself enough is enough. Most times I would just trudge on through with the rest of the pack, this time I had just had my fill of these 4 wheeled trench digging rednecks, plus, I’m trying to get ready for the next GNCC and needed the adrenalin rush, I honestly enjoyed the chase and I’ll bet at the end of the day, that Mr. Trail Patrol had a pretty good story to tell as well…I have got to give the guy credit he was giving it all he had…I can respect that. I really do understand the need to protect our rights to use the National Forests, and compared to what I’ve seen out there I think we (Our two Wheeled Brothers) show much more respect and responsibility in our riding areas than our 4 wheeled counterparts ever have. Personally I am tired of seeing the beer cans and trash thrown all along the trail, as well as drunk operators…. I completely agree with enforcement…. but come on…lets enforce the issues equally…that’s what this was all about…

I sincerely appreciate you folks that jumped in and came to my defense. A couple of you were quite colorful to say the least. I can’t believe I’m about to agree with Lewichris, but we are all brothers here, and we will always have disagreements and some of them will lead to heated discussions, however we need to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and attacking someone by telling them to FO&D or other vulgar verb age is not the way to resolve differences. That goes for myself as well.

This has been really cool, who would have thought that this post would have generated this may responses, Almost caught up with TAFFY….


Bonzai :)

I can't believe all the different opinions this FUNNY story generated. I really enjoyed reading the story and then peoples replys were just as funny (in a sick sort of way). I'm just glad Yamakaza had a character witness to get on the stand for him :) Sounded like a few of them was ready to find a tree and rope. To them I say lighten up!!!! Good story. If we couldn't ride around mud bogs, and other things (like trees blown down in storms) we'd be stuck riding in the campground. Sometimes you have to change the trail layout until trail maintence can be performed. And I'm sure the ranger had a good story to tell when he looked back on it. He also got a good work out to boot :D Now to get off my soapbox


Sometimes you have to up the ante to enjoy life. Anyone who gets on the back of a bike knows this. My brother did almost the same thing. He was riding by himself, and blowing off some steam and stopped to releive himself. Up roars a ranger, very irate, and asks my bro what he thinks he is doing. Being puzzeled and thinking his current activity obvious he just looks at the ranger. The ranger said "Ive been trying to catch you for an hour!". "Where did you learn to ride!" and here have this ticket! my brother was shocked indeed. He had no idea this guy was trying to catch him. He was just pounding down trails we grew up on and airing out his YZ. Moral, were all just folks and sometimes we dont understand one another.

reminds me of that saying "It aint illegal unless ya get caught"

Wow! Talk about a flaming string of discussion.

I enjoyed the stories YAMAKAZI and 696!

This thread must have pegged the meter for views and posts in the last 48 hours. Taffy's threads take months to get this many posts. :)

TTalk uncensored :D

sorry you were just a easy target to pick on, nothing wrong with a DRZ400E, just trying to ease the course of this tread, and besides taffy's a bonehead anyway.

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

I knew that blowing off the Trail Patrol was the wrong thing to do. I completely agree with enforcement but come on, lets enforce the issues equally, that's what this was all about.

You're right, enforce the issues equally. That is unless you are the one who is breaking them and you are the one who is going to get the ticket. Then it must be O.K. to run from the cops.


Hey William- sorry if I invaded your "camp" (???), but it is an open post area, and any member can post something anywhere on the site.

Also, what do you have against DRZ400E's?

Racemile....lesson learned! Never stop to relieve yourself after being chased..........

Uhh...since we're all brothers here...I got this little basement finishing project I could use some help with! :)


In that case, anyone wanna come and do my swing arm bearings? I'm sure we can discover other maintenance to perform as well..


Kentuck...What a day

Originally posted by Scott in KC:

Uhh...since we're all brothers here...I got this little basement finishing project I could use some help with! :)

Yeah, I could also use some help wet-sanding some walls down in the basement! :D

Armourbl: I must say you could do better with your attitude.It hurts the rest of us street bikers to hear someone say they would rather harass someone who has a problem with motorcycles. I try to be sympathetic to the unfortunate folks who do not know the joy of ridding. We are aliens to them and it is better to try to get along.

696: thanks for you insight and keep safe on the job. Your fellow bikers support and appreciate you.

What a post! After reading this I no longer need my morning cup of coffee today!

my eyes hurt

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