Waterpump weep hole leaks intermittently

I replaced my waterpump impeller and bearing assembly and gaskets about five rides ago, after my waterpump went out on my 04 yzf450. After replacing it I have ridden it about 5 times maybe put 300 miles on it since then. I started it this weekend and the weep hole leaked intially when fired the bike up and eventually stopped leaking after it warmed up and I rode it for a while. I started it cold again today and it did the same thing, leaked, then stopped after it warmed up and rode it for a bit. Has anyone had this problem even after replacing everything? Any feedback is appreciated.

Did you replace the shaft?

Its important to replace the shaft when you swap the bearings and seals, the seals cut a groove in the shaft.

I actually did replace the shaft, impeller and the bearings. Added a new gasket too, thats what is puzzling.

Which way is the lip of the coolant seal (the outer one) facing?

The same thing is happening to my 03 YZ450F but I have never changed the waterpump or anything like that. I am very puzzled since I haven't toughed anything.

Hey, I found a thread with '06 YZ450F with the same problem. They were saying it due to the colder weather. That makes sense to me.

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