Dead XR600 stators wanted for winding experiments

I'm looking for a few XR600 stators for some high wattage winding experiments. I need later model units. The pre 91 stators with only 5 poles will not help me. I have a few of those already anyway. I need the 91-2000 12 pole ones.

I'll be doing a total rewind so it doesn't matter if the stator is completely dead. In fact I would rather start with a bad unit. I would hate to hack into a good one.

Why? Because 200 watts is not enough.

how much you buying them for?

how much you buying them for?

Since I'm looking for dead ones I hope not all that much.

Do you have one? Dead 650L stators should work too.

lol no im just messing with ya sorry


Someone's got to have one of these taking up valuable space in the garage.

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