Men In Tights

Thought I'd share a tip with you.

Most people with WR's have removed the air box lid , and either thrown it away , or left it in the garage like me.

After recently toying with the idea of filter skins i came up with a brainwave ! I cut the airbox lid all the way around the edge so it forms a kind of plastic frame. I then placed a cut out piece of old tights ( My wife's not mine )over the top of the airbox , and replaced the cut down lid over the top to hold it in place.Then spray the tight material with filter oil

This saves a lot of crap from even getting to the air filter - eliminates filter skins - can easily be thrown away and replaced - and better still costs nothing !!

i rode 200km with this in place at the weekend and it was just fine.


Good thinking Andy. I like you cut the airbox lid and left just the perimeter so as to form a lip around the entrance to the airbox. However; it never occured to me to put the hose over the lid. I might have to just give this a try.

Try it Bryan - it made a big difference to my filter cleanliness , and there is virtually no air restriction through the hose ( I guess that's American for tights!? ).

There was certainly no power loss at all.

you can also vary the Denier of the tights depening on how dusty the conditions are.

All the Best


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