does this suspension deserve some love/money

I was out riding my 2000 yz426 today and though I had fun the extra stiff suspension was killing me. This bike was set up for a much heavier dude. Can someone like Factory Connection really get this bike plush for me or are these forks/shock to old and not worth the money or effort. I rode my buddies 06 wr250 and it had me whining for a smoother ride. I will keep riding this old tank cause I love it and wonder how my love would deepen w/ better suspension and an auto - decomp cam

Money in the suspension is always worth it, no matter how old it is. It probably is overdue for a rebuild anyways, have a suspension company revalve it for you when it is apart. A revalved 2000 suspension will feel as good, if not better than an 08 stock suspension.

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