Pictures for tall people - test of


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Put before and (uncluding the brackets) after the address to have them show up here. RR.

Looks like you've got it.

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To lower footpegs is a four step procedure:

1. Remove footpegs from frame (no need to remove front forks :) )

2. Cut the bottom half off the peg off (the part that the spring wraps around.

3. Place it on top, line up the holes and weld it back to the peg

4. Re-install pegs onto frame, but swapping left and right side springs.

Optional final step - Spray pegs black before reinstalling

Stand back after the job is done, with a beer, and admire your work...


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Hey Man! Somebody stole your forks......That's gonna make it tough to jump....

and, Who rubbed off all that paint on your frame?

Bonzai :)

:) Yamakaze, Those are the Emperors New Forks don't cha know...... The latest in stealth technology LOL :D:D

thanx,yamaha dude, i think i will try to do this mod,i'm 6'3" so anything is a help,besides going with a taller bar set-up. thanx again :)

hey woodzi or yamaha-dude,i'm doing the mod on my footpegs today.Just one question? the kickstarter?

since the peg is lower,is there any problems with where the kickstarter hits?It has that spot where it should hit,but now it's going to hit a little bit higher.Maybe eventually breaken?Or just be a little bit lighter on the downkick?Just wondering?

There is a small dent developing in my kickstarter. I think it will be OK, but I am keeping an eye on it.

I think it will be fine to, i will try to be a little lighter on downstroke.Maybe weld a flat piece where it hits?

There was a thread on this a while back...mine already has goodly dent in it after about 4 rides! I will weld a flat piece to the footpeg as I dont fancy forking out for a new kickstart.

In regard to the kick starter, I suggested a while back that you either:

1. drilled and tapped a small hole and inserted a small bolt (not too deep, just a few mm, and using locktite to hold it in) that would line up with the point of contact; or,

2. use a Stainless Steel hose clamp over a piece of old rubber tubing (to help it conform to the shape and add some cushioning) at the point of contact...

You could also get a similar type of stopper and mount it to the footpeg...



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