Question about what I DID NOT find in my clutch.....

So I went to replace my clutch on a 2001 XR650R for the first time. Never had the clutch apart...ever.

I pulled all the clutch plates out, inspecting each as I went. I got to the judder spring and then realized that there was no seat spring in my clutch. I double checked the service manual (because I'm a garage mechanic at best) and it cleary shows a judder spring and then a seat spring against the back wall of the clutch basket.

Is this a big deal? Do I have to put a seat spring back in? And last question, can I use a regular steel plate in place of the seat spring? They seem to be a similar thickness and I want to ride before the local shop gets another seat spring ordered in.

Now maybe Honda quit putting a judder seat spring in clutches at some point and I'm not aware??

Anyone heard of this before??

Thanks in advance.

Whats a judder seat spring? I took my clutch apart as well, however the only springs I remember finding were the main clutch springs. Do you have a pic or anything more helpful?

I don't think that this bike has one. The last one I remember seeing on a XR or XL was on an 80 XL500S.

Most that take the cluch apart do away with the judder assembly all to gether. Replace it with a fiber plate. I think mine has an extra steel and a fiber but, I would have to check. There has been a lot of talk about this and how the judder stops the noise and crazy grabing now and then but, in the end no judder is by far the best for me.

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