Fuel Screw Won't Come Out

I am trying to install a fuel screw in my 07 yz450, but the stock screw seems stuck coming out. It felt like it was coming out for maybe a turn but then stopped. Is this reverse threaded and Im going the wrong way? Maybe just really hard to turn? Please advise.:worthy:

They are a right hand thread, like normal. Be sure you aren't thinking of it upside down because the screw faces up.

If it is stuck, or tending to stick, get a tech to look at it. Don't take a chance on screwing up the carb if you aren't sure what's going on.

You might try and pull the carb off, flip it upside down and spray some WD40 around it and let it soak. Then try it.

Lefty loosie, righty tighty.

I know my righty tighties, and taking into account the fact that you have to "look up" at the screw, I am going left from that perspective.

Does the float chamber need to come off before the fuel screw will come out all the way?

Much thanks to those who take the time to answer these not-so-technical questions.

it would only be binding if the spring or oring is bound up. Retighten and re loosen - it will come out - be careful not to lose spring/oring

Thanks, I'll give it a try now.

mine did the exact same thing on my rmz250 a year ago. loosen the bottom of the carb and it will fall right out.

It will really help to see what your doing if you take the float bowl off. Shoot some penetrating lube on it. I think you'll be alright if you take the float bowl off so you can get a good look at it. Also make sure you don't have any dirt up in there.

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