please help

have an 86 xl600r no mods dual carbs i see what i believe to be a evap canister and a pcv canister i do not see a smog pump can i remove the 2 canisters w/out affecting the running of the bike " starting and idling and general performance" thanks any help greatly appreciated the desmogging seems to pertain to the 650l and r .

I would keep the canisters on there, as they do not really affect the performance of the bike. If I remember right, one was in between the crankcase and the airbox.

Plus, since these bikes were dual-carbed, I would reccommend doing as little to them, and the bike, as possible. Those year(s) XL 600's were very finicky...

thanks for the response. ya im aware it will not do anything to better the performance to the bike was just trying to loose the lbs. and clean it up down there thanks

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