xr650r Winter Project Help

I have a 2000 xr650r, uncorked, and thats it. I ride 70% on street, and 30% trails. winter is coming, and i figured it would be a good time to tear it down, and make it go. i am somewhat mechanically inclined, and plan to do most of the work myself to save on cost.

Heres what i plan to do, and my questions:

1) nikasil cylinder? is this a whole cylinder, or just a sleeve, i will have the cylinder bored, but i dont know how far since i still want to run pump gas. wiseco piston

2) i remember reading somewhere that there was a connecting rod problem with the 650r, should i worry about this, i really didn't want to get into the bottom end

3) hotcams stage 2

4) exhaust, im not sure whether or not to go with a full system, depending on what i can find, i really dont like the disk exhaust, but i still have to be able to sneak by piggy on the street

5) airbox mod, K&N filter?, or should i go more radical

6) edelbrock carb$$$, i have read a lot about all the different carbs, and i dont know, the edelbrock draws me because it is so easy to tune, im not real good with jets

7) clutch, i havent seen too much on clutches, but i figure with all this extra power i need to be able to get it to the wheel, but have no idea on what clutches are good

I was also wondering if i could buy an already bored cylinder with piston, gaskets, etc from anywhere.

Take a look at what i plan to do, and please if you have any suggestions, hints, or problems with what i plan to do tell me because i want to have it back up and running in 5 months, not in a heap on the garage floor. thanks

1. The nikasil cylinder is only the plating on the cylinder walls. This means that if you plan to bore it out, you will have to send it off to a place like Millenium Technologies. Since a conventional bore will not work, they actually acid etch the lining off the cylinder, and re-plate it with new stuff. The cylinder looks better than new when they're done.

2. When I had my piggy apart, there was a slight amount of rod play, but nothing I was concerned about. If its bad, then replace it. If not, just ride.

3. I would reccommend the HRC cam if you can afford it. Although, I run a Hotcam stg. 1 in mt bike, and it has been fine so far.

4. FMF Q2 seems to be the best bet for exhaust. Couple that w/ a powerbomb header, drill out the side cover, re-jet the carb, and the pig will fly.

4. Airbox mod is really only necessary if you get the full exhaust. And stick with a UNI style filter if you plan to do a lot of off-road. However, since you said most if your riding is street, you should be okay with a K&N.

5. The Edelbrock will give you more low-end snap, but the stock will have more on the top. Its up to you. Do a search on the subject, there is PLENTY of info...

6. You would be suprised how much abuse the stock clutch can take. Mine MIGHT be ready for replacement, but thats only after 7 HARD years of riding. I wouldn't worry about it unless you feel it start to slip or make noise.

I don't know about an entire kit; I've never looked into it. You can ask around or do a search for the guys that run a 680. I would stay with all Honda stuff, though, if you can. Hondas are relaible for a reason, and the piggy has won baja many times for a reason.

hello brother ..sell it and buy something that will go more than 100 miles and not burn out a set a wheel berings like a klx 400 hahahaha

well brother,,, maybe in 50 years or so, when i'm old, and feeble ill take the huge step down to the wee little klx 400, but for now i perfer to blow you away

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