Clutch/Compression lever combo ????

I bought an Applied clutch lever compression release combo, it seems like it will be ok but does anyone have experience with a better one? and for what reasons? thanks :)

Ive been drooling over the Works Connection ones but unfortunately my stockers are still in good enough shape from preventing that vacuum in the chkg. acct just yet :) . They look pretty hearty and a few locals have had positive things to say of WC, but don't get me confused with someone running anything other then OEM @ the moment :D

I have the combo from Flander's and am impressed with it. It also improved the clutch pull. And best of all it was only $50 for the combo.

THe Flanders looks nice but I like the fit and finish of the Applied Racing version:

Look at it here

plus it has the quick adjust and the comp release is on the bottom, another cool feature is that it has a roller bearing at the pivot of the lever supposedely making for easier pull....check it out....also only $49.00

HMMMMM.....50 bucks versus 130 bucks for same item. go figure. I was going to get the juice clutch just to get the combined levers because it didn't cost that much more than the W.C. lever. But now it looks like applied just threw me a item I can't pass up.

Man, I love it when a company steps up and sells a product for what it is really worth. Works conn. sells thiers for 130 and it is totally not worth it. It's about time. Kinda like SDG did with the seats. Why not spend 30 bucks more and get a whole new friggin seat?

It really tweaks my melon to have to shell out big money for a part that costs maybe 5 bucks in aluminum and 10 bucks in labor to produce. I think if everyone priced accordingly then thier products would sell a lot better. Like the Dr. D hot start- 100 bucks? come on, it probably cost 15-20 tops to make that thing and if they sold it for 50 I guarantee 99% of thumpertalkers would have it! I can take that same $100 and buy 2 tires. I may not be starting my bike faster but at least I can still afford to ride.

Broke in the Beach---

I called Applied and they said they were out until 15 April. They also said it's $62.90 with the decomp lever, $49 without the decomp lever. It's foreign made and a direct copy of the Works Connection piece except it's cold forged and not billet. This will allow you to mallatize it if it bends and not snap like a billet piece. My "guess" is it's the same maker as the Flanders unit except you get the big quick adjuster for the extra $13.

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