What flywheel for MX & SX

What flywheel would work the best for MX & SX? I ride Vet 40 class. I am looking at the 9oz Yamaha. Roost?

Do we have to guess what your bike is, or does everyone but me know already?

It's a 07 YZF450. Bike is stock except for 24mm Applied Clamps (I just put them on), set of Pirelli Scorpions, suspension by Hybrid (local guy), I plan on putting a radiator lowering kit on it, and a 50 tooth rear sprocket. I am 47years old, 6' 155lbs. Last time I had a bike was in 1981. I raced for the first time ever this year in the Vet 40 SX class. Best finish out of six races was 6th place out of 10. Probaly could of finished better but I killed the bike in corners, in several races. I don't have a lot of extra money right now, so I am trying to spend it wisely on improvements. I have been practicing on the MX track and plan on racing Vet 40 MX & SX next year. From what I have been reading on here the flywheel would probaly be the best next step. I don't think I need a exhaust system the bike has plenty of power, and It seems the clutch is enough to take care of any low RPM bog. My biggest problem now is sweepers, and tight corners!

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