Coolant overflow tank

I was wondering if anybody has adapted a Coolant overflow tank from a WR450 on to a 07 YZ450. Is there an easier way to prevent coolant loss?

I boiled over for the first time, didnt lose alot off coolant but it could be a problem in the future, right?

Do the turkey baster mod. I've been using it and it works fine on every trail ride I do. Do a search for it here on T.T.

The '06 and earlier WR overflow tanks fit but you'll need to fab some brackets for your YZ.

The '07 WR's overflow tanks are shaped differently to fit around the relocated CDI box (it's under the left number plate on the '07-on WR's).

Be aware though, Yamaha is REALLY proud of the tank and cap (ther're sold seperately)

Unfortunately the '06 and up YZ450's have radiadtors that smaller than the WR's and make them a little more prone to overheating off-road. The only time I have had issues with overheating my YZ is when I'm riding in slow, technical sections with steep or swithchbacked hillclimbs and the ambient temp is above 85 degrees F.

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