I'm thinking of getting some new boots and wanted some opinions first. I have an older pair of motocross boots that I admit I don't wear very often unless it's an all day ride or a trip. I don't race but alot of dual sport exploring with 90% of it being offroad. I'm hoping to find something alittle more comfortable that I can actually walk in. I'm also leaning towards boots with the ATV or offroad sole. The only difference is the sole right? Sometimes I'm in some less than ideal conditions and some traction would help. Sloppy muddy single track. So dose anyone offer a boot I can walk around in yet will still offer enough protection? I know it helps if I wear them but that's my main problem right now.

Thanks guys

I currently wear Tech 10's. For my feet, there the most comfortable boot I've owned. The sole is made differently than a typical boot and flexes more when walking which adds to the comfort. On a ride recently we had to climb some ungodly rocks and I had to get off and bulldog up a section. I was concerned about boot traction since some of the rock was at an angle while wrestling with the bike. Boot traction wasn't a problem and I never slipped. There may be better boots for what your looking for but these are comfy for walking around.

Many different type of boots are available. The wimpiest are the road bike boots. There are some marketed as dual sport boots and then there are the true dirt boots. I really like the protection that the dirt bike boots provide. I sometimes wear them on my street bike. The key is finding some that fit your feet well and are comfortable. Everyone if different and what works for someone else might not be the boot for you. You might try some lower end boots as they tend to be more flexible.

Not to highjack the tread, but does anyone have feedback on the Tech 7's?

I picked up a set of Thor 50/50 boots last spring and haven't take them off until about 2 weeks ago (not literally of course). They are, by far the best 1/2 and 1/2 boots that I've ever owned. I ride my 650L to work every day in the spring, summer and fall, as well as taking it out in the bush on the weekends. I found with these boots I could put them on in the morning, ride my bike to work, walk downtown at lunch and then ride my bike home at night. I'd also put them on on the weekend when taking my Pig out to my favorite fishing spot. They've always given me ample protection, while allowing me to walk around unimpeded.

I also own a nice set of Fox MX boots, but haven't worn them a single day since I got my Thor 50/50 boots.

Definitely 2 thumbs up for Thor 50/50 boots.:worthy: :worthy:

I agree, the Thor 50/50 boots are the best DS boots made. I bought a 2nd pair just in case they stop producing this boot.

I have a pair of Thor Quadrant ATV boots, the ones with a lug sole. Yesterday, I ended up climbing a couple of small hills in them while geocaching. For a full on boot, they are pretty good. With the sole, hiking is easier. With that being said, I sure as hell would not recommend them if you plan on doing some hardcore walking. Other than that, they are pretty good both price wise and use.

all those boots you looked at are pretty good the best thing is to try them on, some of the cheaper boots are gonna be pretty stiff since there not the best of leathers used when they make them. I have Tech6s and love them, from the first time you put them on there really comfortable and move well cuz its pretty soft leather. Any Alpinstars are good boots. Try the ones on in your price range as thats the BEST way to see what you want, Comfort is #1.

Thanks guys

I feel better about buying them now. I hate feeling like I'm wearing down hill ski boots. By the time I get them the snow may be flying. I may have to wear them around the house till spring to break them in.

I have the Fox Tracker and am pretty happy...but I only wear them off road. Other than that, when I commute I just wear my loafers!

Ebay can be a good way to get boots that might be beyond your current budget. My A* Tech 8's were a couple years old, very lightly used, and about a hundred bucks....

Check out the combat touring or combat lites look like they would work for you.

I have a set of Fox Off Road Trackers... they have some gription on the sole not like the regular Tracker. They have a lot more flex in the ankles than any Alpinestars boot I've ever had on. Not that I have had them all on.... Another boot to look at would be the Sidi Discovery. Not as stiff either which lends itself to walking when needed. and it has some tread.

Thanks for the info guys, good stuff.

I wear both decent MX boots or my Rocky's with 1000 thinsulate and waterproof. MX boots typically don't offer me the finess I want for exploring or stopping for a beer. The downside, and was reminded this year, is protection. I wiped out in a big patch of boulders about motor size, busted my shin up pretty good as the bike landed on my leg and rock!!! So it depends on your ride style. I ALWAYS wear my MX boots when going into woods or hard trails. Usually I will wear my rocky's when road or fire road riding.

Bizarre suggestions? I have a pair of Sportman's Guide snake boots. They feel like mx boots and support very well. Can walk all day and they protect like mx boots but REALLY light in comparison. The snake armor really protects the shins (knee high) but your ankle is supported. The arch support is there but the foot is able to pronate and supinate. $79 However they are really light and fast to put on or take off.

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