Keeping Dirt Out Of Fork Seals

I was told that seal savers can trap dirt in fork seals. Then was told that if you put a fiece of foam that has been saturated in WD40 in the space between the dust cover and the actual seal, that it helps to keep dirt away from the seal. Can this hurt the seal or forks at all? and does it work? Sorry for the long post. The bike is a 02 426. Thanks

Follow the procedure outlined in the manual:

Slide the dust seals down, and clean any dirt out from between the oil seal and dust seal. Then run a bead of grease around the fork tube between the seals and slide the dust seal back into place.

The foam strip sounds like a good way to scratch the forks up, and WD40 is almost all sovent, so it would be nearly useless here.

I kinda thought that it would scratch the tubes. Thanks for the info. Ill go grease them right now.

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