38 mpg...........................

Uncorked, jetted for 1000 feet, I'm at 3000, give or take a few feet. 175 main, don't remember the rest of the specs.

Ride was mainly road stuff, mostly dirt with a few miles of pavement thrown in. While I wasn't hard on the throttle, wasn't easy either.

Didn't think it would be that good, but is that about normal? I do need to do a little searching though, was having some idle problems when stopping and if I recall, someone posted the same symptoms within the last month.:worthy:

All in all, a fun ride and the furthest (38 miles) I've ridden at one stretch. Did a little geocaching along the way.

Not bad and not the best. With a lot of stopping that would be about normal, highway use could be upto 50mpg pure off-road racing is could be as low as 30~32mpg with a pumper carburetor. I would run 68s pilot, b53e needle mid clip or stock at forth clip down and your 175 sounds good. Depending on your pilot (68s would be best with stock exhuast/ air filter) is how you adjust your idle mixture screw.

I seem to average around 39-mpg (mostly pavement) if I take it easy. That's with some extra weight, though (6-gal. tank, side rack/panniers, top rack, windshield, tools, my 230-lb. ar$e, etc).

That drops to around 35-mpg when trails are added, or anything above 70-mph.

Still better than my truck at 14-mpg.


I'm uncorked... HRC exhaust tip, 175 main, 68s airbox unplugged and 48 state intake collar. I am coming in at 25 mpg. What gives?? I'd love to have that extra range.

I run at 2600 to 7000 with a 168 main 68s,clip in the middle with full w\bros r-4 pipe and the rest of the mods.Any richer and it blubbers and gets bad (worse) mileage. I'm not sure how anyone can run more than a 170?

I'm running a 168 main at the moment. Jetting notwithstanding (I change seasonally and for location), I get 35-45 street. 30-35 for most dirt riding. ~25 or even less in the dunes.

I get about 30 on mine but I have a pumpercarb, stage 2 cam, HRC piston, and race exhaust along witha few other things. I bought it set up for Baja but unfortunatly I didnt make it down this year:(

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