cr500 forks on a xr600r

I recently bought a xr600r with cr500 forks(or so he said). Im hoping someone can tell me if they are in fact from a cr500, and what year of bike they are from.

Decal on fork reads:



I know I have to get the forks (and shock)done, and they are off now, way to squishy for my big butt! Also, I installed new brake pads up front when I got it, bled the fluid, and went for a ride. We DID do some serious downhilling,(the hill climb was a blast) and I noticed the front brakes were heating up, but didn't think much of it, but heating up turned to a grinding sound quickly. Seems I roasted a new set of pads in a 3 hour ride! Will be checking out the caliper soon. Do you think the smaller rotor size and the heavier bike than the intended use for the forks caused this? Just tossing it out there, what i really need to know is the year and model these forks are from.

Thanks, Rick

Kamloops BC

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