New Tank

The '98 WR 400 I just purchased a couple of months ago has finally sprung a leak in the gas tank. I have done some searching in the archives about replacement tanks and see that Clarke, IMS and Acerbis all make 3.4 or 3.3 gallon replacement tanks. Does anybody have any good or bad stories about any of the manufactures tanks before I order a new one? One of the parts places I calls today mentioned that Clarke was a tank to stay away from. But from the YZ forum, every post I looked at talked about them.

Also my current tank has the fuel petcock on the right side, but I would rather have it on the stock(left) side. I currently have the YZ seat and YZ IMS tank.

Thanks for any help,


Where did your tank spring a leak? I have been considering a IMS for my 01 WR426 and a YZ seat set up. I thought the IMS had two petcocks. One on each side of the tank. I thought that would enable you to get all the fuel from the tank. Later.

It started to leak around the bolt to the rear of the tank that the rubber band attaches to the frame and tank.

By the way, I tried many different ways to make a temp patch, but the only thing that worked was NAPA aircraft grade liquid gasket.


Call IMS. They have replaced tanks before, and if you think it's not your fault, tell them. They're pretty good about replacing them.

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