Weird idle, hiiigh,loooow

2000 xr650r uncorked, i get the idle set with the nob, then after it warms up, it idles about 500 rpms higher, if i snap the throttle, it idles back down, this makes it impossible to set the idle right. i took the carb apart, and it was really clean inside, i blew out the jets, and tried to reset the pilot screw, but that was really hard with such a wacky idle. anyone have any ideas, air leak maybe?


When i start my bike on these cold fall mornings at 20-40 degree's outside i have to hold the throttle open slightly to keep the idle up, but it still idle's at 1000-1200 according to my vapor. When its warm its up around 1500-1600, not saying that i have a problem with it but whats the fix.

Could be an air leak, but what you describe sounds more like sticky cables and/or throttle tube. The carb slide can wear too, but it's usually only an issue on real high mileage bikes.

the cables on the carb arent tight like they are sticking, they have a little slack

Pilot nozzle too small?

Have you adjusted the idle mixture screw? What pilot are you running?

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