XR600r bolt torque values

I cant find my repair manual, can someone help me out with torque values:

-Steering stem nut (the hex one)

-Steering stem spanner nut (the toothed one)

-Front axle

-Rear axle

-Motor Mounts (I remember 2 sizes)


from my Clymer

steering stem nut 70-100 ft-lbs (I did 80)

f axle 36-62 ft-lbs (92 on 60)

r axle 58-80 ft-lbs (91 on 70)

The bearing preload nut isn't really torqued. It is tightened to 1 to 1.5 ft-lbs. You tighten an turn the stem lock to lock. Then re-tighten and do the lock to lock thing. Repete one more time.

Anyone know the values for:

-Motor Mounts (Large + Small are different?)

-Rear shock frame mount (upper shock bolt)

-Rear shock prolink mount (lower shock bolt)

looks to me like 10mm engine mounts are torqued to 36 ft lbs. 8mm engine mounts are torqued to 20 ft lbs.

rear shock upper mount is 33 ft lbs.

lower mount is 20 ft lbs.

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