Fitting cast 17" wheels to XR600

Hi just found this forum, had a good search through lots of good info, but I need a bit of specific help. I live out int he Middle East and have just bought a 97 XR600, which I intent to turn into a SuperMoto.

I want to fit some road bike 17" cast wheels as it will be a lot cheaper than any other option for me. No problems getting spacers etc but need some technical help.

Any suggestions what road models wheels will fit easiest, I have heard of people fitting CBR600 & 600F2 wheels, any other options?

Also what is the axle size of the XR600?

Do you keep the road disc's or use the old XR disc?

Anybodies experiences with this would be gratefully received

you should prolly put this in the SuMo forum also.

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