Finally got my N-Style Stickers...

Got my N-Style "Paint" kit and spent a couple of hours Friday morning getting them installed - windex + heatgun = awesome + easy.




DCFC0020-1.jpg son says I should remove it, BUT I just love THIS sticker:


Did you have to put on YZ shrouds for that to work? I know with the older wrs you have limited choices

Just a FYI - YZ (2 stroke) graphics will NOT fit at all the difference is huge, no amount of cutting or trimming will make it work.

When I bought the bike (it's a 2000), it came with the original WR tank/graphics and newer shrouds/no graphics, however, the shrouds on the WR are identical to the shrouds on the YZF for 98 to 02.

The difference is solely in the gas tank and seat, I've taken one of the pics and drawn in using red, what the YZF graphic looked like when I received it and before I cut it, in black, I drew in where the YZF gas tank/seat seam is for that particular tank/bike. You see, the graphic is supposed to wrap the corner of the tank tucking in behind/under the seat, the top of the graphic where it's black is supposed to wrap right below the YZF gas cap, I just trimmed it there to smooth it out, but could have left it "as is" since there is surface it'll adhere to - it just would have looked goofy not wrapping under the gas cap but having an odd shape. I trimmed the other part to more or less follow the lines of my tank since this is where the difference between the two is. The Shroud Graphic fit as is, no mods required.

Yes, it's hard to get WR graphics - very limited selection, then when you go to order them, you find out they can't get them anyways.

I'm happy with the way it turned out, sure looks a lot better than it did.


I did not realize that the shrouds were actually the same also. I know that the tank and seat are different, but if you look at an aftermarket IMS tank it says you must use YZF shrouds and seat. Interesting... Maybe something has changed for the 01 wr's.

Just checked the parts fiche and it shows different part#'s for yz and wr. I'm thinking that maybe before you got the bike the previous owner put on yz shrouds. I have works connection braces and they also have different part #'s. Anybody else have experience with this? I have no issues with replacing my shrouds, but I don't want to buy new braces as well. If I do that then that means a new tank, seat... It's a vicious cycle

I do know that mine were replaced, since the color is somewhat off (newer looking) and that my shrouds are YZ - however, those are the only replacements available from Acerbis/UFO/Polisport.

If you look at the sticker kits available for YZF's, the kit ALWAYS says it fits 98-02 models, so in conclusion, the outer shape of the shroud has to be the same for the years in question, and the only difference are some of the inner lines/details/hole alignment which means squat in the grand scheme of things.

If you look closely at the blow up diagram on the microfiche you can actually see the difference - the 00WRF has the lower front holes at right angles to the rad and the bolt to fasten that corner mounts to the lower corner of the rad into one of those spring nuts.

On the 00YZF - the same hole points forward on a 45 degree angle and the mounting screw actually fastens to the white air deflector panel that sits in front of the rad.

The outside shape of the recessed hole is identical on both, it's the inner portions of the holes that are shaped differently.

I've looked at the diagrams for the 01 and 02 426 models and Yamaha has unified the design to the 45 degree forward bolt pattern and on both the WRF and YZF, the bolt fastens to the air deflector panel.

This would make sense since my side panels have the 45 degree hole, and the majority of models are of that style - thus - only one aftermarket replacement part.

When I got the bike, the prior owner had just zip tied the hole to the spring clip on the rad, I ended up putting on a 1" bolt with a larger than normal washer and even though it doesn't have a flat surface to sit on, it holds it down just fine.

Sorry about the long winded explanation, thought I'd try to be thorough in the description of differences, the outcome of all this is you will NOT have any problems with the shroud portion of YZF graphics fitting onto WRF shrouds, the only issues you will encounter are on the tank graphics.

How do you like that headlight? Would it be good for a dualsported WR? Nice lookin' graphics, BTW!


I love the headlight - with all the crap on the bike, it's the one thing that I think actually worked to it's benefit as a weight reduction - 2x 50W MR16 outdoor bulbs, got one spot and one flood so I get nice coverage, however, certainly not one of those 8" baja headlights!

It isn't DOT approved, so to blue plate it I'd have to go back to stock.

Thanks for the reply. I'm going to take a shroud off of my friends yz just to see how it fits. Different enough that works connection has different part #'s for the two of them.

Hmmm, this is an interesting discussion. As far as I know, the WR400 had the same shrouds as the YZ400F, and same goes for the 426's (my WR426 came with a YZ-F tank and I put a WR one back on it with the same shrouds without any problems). The only difference between the 400 and 426 is the lower mounting hole angle, as matt4x4 explained. This may impact on the radiator braces as they bolt to this mount, meaning the tab on the braces need to be a different angle.

I think I'll take a pic of this mounting point since mine are the angled ones but are mounted to the non angled point on the rad.

I'll try to get it up for tomorrow.

Edit - took a couple of quick pics this morning of the difference, it's hard to see, but look closely and you'll see that the plastic meets at an angle to the rad in the pic where the rad is seen.



Jeez, I had to do a double take. I thought the subject was "Finally got my N'SYNC stickers". Much to my relief, I was wrong.

Nice job.

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