Best 2007 WR450 performance mods

I've read several posts regarding the recommended performance mods for the 2007 WR 450. I just picked one up this weekend and am ready to get going. I rode the bike uncorked in Costa Rica and loved it. It sounds like, at minimum, I need to replace/modify the throttle stop, unrestrict the exhaust, open up the airbox and unplug the gray wire. I'm curious if there is a good progression to do these mods: ie. throttle stop and gray wire first, followed by airbox and exhaust second. I'd like to make changes incrementally if possible and see the effect before making additional changes.

Also, what I didn't see in the postings I've reviewed were detailed directions on how to do these mods. I have okay mechanical skills, but don't have much experience working on bikes. Some postings I've read in other forums have provided real detailed instructions (a few even had great pictures). Just wondering if anything similar is out there for the WR mods.

I read through the stickies and did all of the "free" mods before I even rode it for the first time. I knew I wouldn't be able to leave it alone so I just did them all. I also installed the JD jetting kit. I don't have a stock baseline to measure against but the bike is perfect. Tons of power and handles great. My previous bike was a 2001 yz250f and this thing kills it.

Do the free mods, throttle, grey wire, snorkel, etc. Get the gytr yamaha ais removal kit. It will remove the ais crap(do not throw any of this stuff way, it makes your bike technically illegal, tough to get busted for, yet it has happened), and give you the jets you need to react to having more airflow. I did the kit, but went with the fmf jets, mostly because the gytr kit was back ordered for 3 months when I was first messing with my bike. This bike is a bit prone to bogging, so I did the boyeson qiuckshot accelerator cover. It helped out alot. I've also done a full fmf factory 4.1 exhaust system, the scaryfast powernow system, and a buch of other things. I haven't been able to find a K&N airfilter yet, but they should have one out soon. All of the things that I have done to my bike have made it really fast, with a torque heavy low powerband. I have yet to loose a drag race with any of my buddies. The hit comes on fast and easy. These bikes are not crazy powerful or fast as stock machines, I think that they have about 37 stock horses, but with just bolt on do-it-yourself type mods 45-50 horses are easily there. That's not to say that you need them, but its always fun to hot rod things.

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