Speaking Of The Law!

Fighting for access to America's public lands is a tough battle. The "Do

Not Enter" groups have had a long head start on us.

But on February 27, H.R. 3808 - Consistent Public Land Laws Enforcement Act

of 2002, was introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative

Scott McInnis of Colorado. This legislation proposes a reasonable

alternative to land closures - enhanced enforcement tools for the three

Federal agencies with the most responsibility for managing our public lands

and increased penalties for those who break the law.

This legislation is already gaining support on Capitol Hill. But your help

is urgently needed! Your Member of Congress needs to hear from you. Your

Member of Congress needs to know that there are other voices out there

besides "Do Not Enter".

Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) supports H.R. 3808 as

an important step in bringing some balance to the public lands debate and

we hope you agree. Please use the Next button to send a letter to your

Member of Congress today, right now, and ask your Representative to

co-sponsor H.R. 3808.

If you would like to read more about this important issue and this

legislation, please visit the ARRA web site at

http://www.responsiblerecreation.com. You can also help by forwarding this

message on to others asking them to take action.

If you cannot see the Next button, please go to

http://www.responsiblerecreation.com and visit the Action Center to send a

letter to your Member of Congress.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Visit http://responsiblerecreation.policy.net to take action now!

This is great news, Paul. I hope everyone takes this to heart. We have traditionally been non-political in nature, but we are now engaged in a war of ideas, like it or not. We have a lot to lose.


If you have already helped, thanks for your support.


Ben, the first thing you should do is never give up. This land belongs to us all. We all have a responsibility to protect and preserve it. That means not trashing or abusing it. There will always be some people who display reckless disregard for other peoples property(our property). That includes "Our" national parks, federal forest and, what have you. The truth is, that just because you ride a motorcycle or a snow mobile et cetera on a trail doesn't automatically equate to destruction of the environment. That is what the greenies want you and others to believe. There is a huge gap between perception and reality. The greenies play up the perception part. That is their inherent dishonesty and hense their weakness. Keep writing the letters. Be an active participant. Be part of the solution and not the problem. You are not alone. Although, sometimes it may seem like it. There are thousands of us working quietly behind the scenes. We need your help and the help of everyone who loves the outdoors and has a passion for riding and for life. Fight on. Paul

Well said, Paul. Let's stick together and let's not take no for an answer. We need to be very hard-nosed and very insistent about this. Let's go kick some enviro butt for once!


Excellent, Paul! Perhaps an alliance with sportsmen's and hunting/fishing (pro-land USE) organizations would be helpful. They use 4wheelers extensively. NRA? They certainly know HOW to fight effectively (unlike some organizations who shall remain nameless but whose initials begin with AMA)... :)

Hello Paul On sad side about riding from the media :) Did anyone catch the article in todays San Francisco Chronicle. They had an article about off road bikes, atv's and 4wheelersthat are illeagaly riding in the hills off the San Mateo Coast, they had pictures of warn down hills :D

They did mention that there are few areas to ride leagally and most are far away (Livermore/Carnegie and Hollister) I think that to help these problems we need Motorcycle Dealers to inform buyers about illeagle riding and hand out info about how to help keep trails open and riding areas open. I have never been told anything about local riding areas or any otherinfo about AMA, Blueribbon Coalition when purchasing orr road vehicles. Ltes hope we can turn things around and inform more people.

Ride Safe, Ride Often and Have Fun :D

PS Paul Are we finally gone meet and ride this year.

I get this stuff via email, but honestly I always wonder what I should really do.

I've sent in a few letters to voice my thoughts about closing trails, etc. I get extremely pissed off when I trail ride and see trash all over the place.

Are we fighting a hopeless battle here?

Can someone explain in simple terms what some of the simple steps we can all do to keep our rights to ride in place?


No kidding,

Any chance of organizing a West Coast TT conference. Some middle location that is equal travel distance for the most remote members. I'm in Phoenix, Az.

And by conference I mean ride until the wheels fall off...


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