Chain guide problems

In six months of riding my WR, I have gone through (literally) TWO standard chain guides. They just wear through so quickly and then start wrecking my swingarm. Is this normal? Is there some reason this is happening(worn chain, incorrect rear suspension settings)? or can you get a tougher guide?

Everybody I know has the same problem with the wr's. Chain tension is cridical. The first thing to do is to LIGHTLY grind down the weld under the chain guide.It makes the guide sit up too high in one spot & the rest of the guide dos'nt wear out as fast.I have looked for aftermarket guides but haven't found any yet. I brought some wear resistant plastic [teflon] 10mm X 50mm & cut it to shape useing a jigsaw. I only replaced the top half because the under side dosn't wear.I had to cut the original guide flush with the top of the swingarm to fit the new piece. If anybody knows of some aftermarket guides could they let us know

There was a thread on this a few weeks ago, do a search.

We have aftermarket chain guide supports made from carbon fiber. So far, havent heard of any problems with them (been making these supports since 1996). We also offer a 15% discount until March 31 for you TTers on any cofi problems. check out the link below.

Carbon Fiber Works, Inc

Mine must be the exception, I just changed my swingarm guard and chain guide insert for the first time...(3) years worth of wear. The upper guard had a chain trail cut into it but not through, and the Giude insert was worn doen paper thin. I guess being fanatical about Chain Freeplay and alignment have worked out much better than I had thought. I almost bought the TY-Davis Guide and Insert as they are supposed to be the best of the best, but in the end replaced with stock as they seem to be working for me.

Bonzai :)

I just talked to TM designworks yesterday!

they are working on a buffer(front of swingarm)

that does not require the swingarm to be removed!

(hopfully) they also told me that because they are CNC machined, that each "run" has minor improvments!... to quiet them, and for a better fit omn the swingarm! sounded good to me!

I just ordered the buffer and guide, and will post results when I test them!

I am with YamiCasi on this. I have never had any issues with premature chain guide wear on my WR or 4 YZF's....chain tension is critical.

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