08 450 review and question

took it out and broke her in this weekend, and the thing is a blast.

it hendels amazing and i love the tourqe(coming of a yz250)

cant wait to get on it hard next weekend

my question is this.

i'm new to 4 strokes, is it normal that somtimes the kick start feels like there is no compretion when trying to kick start the bike?

when it happend i just pushed the bike like a foot and then the kick start felt normal.

Mine does it as well. Not sure of the technical description of it, and I am sure grayracer will fill you in on that. I beleive it is because when you are kicking it, it is in the middle of the stroke, on the non compression stroke, so when you kick it, you get the piston moving faster and easier due to the lack of compression when you are trying to get the kick going.

A two-stroke has a compression stroke every revolution. A four-stroke has one only every other revolution. They take four stokes of the piston to complete one operational cycle, which is why they are so imaginatively named "four-stroke cycle" engines. If you catch the crank on the power stroke, you'll turn the engine 1 1/2 turns before hitting compression again.

thank you for the answer

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