xr650r in the baja

ME three,i can have whatever i want but there's always room for the BRP.

I just wanted to give a race report on our trip - 308X X650R. We finished fourth in Class 30, which isnt too shabby seeing that the 302X Oneill team was 4th overall and 307X was 5th overall in the race - both 450's.

We had two front tire flats and the lights fell off the bike during one section. We would have placed 8th overall in open pro and we ended up 49 overall including the 4 wheel vehicles. I was pretty happy with our results and that we all came back in one piece. The bike held up great even with some minor spills. We ran two different rear tires in the race - Dunlop 739 and Michelin Desert. We made a late decision to run bib mousse's up front but it was to late and nobody had them in stock. We could have saved some time on the two front flats. When Honda starts limiting pit support to the 650's then there will abe a dramatic drop in the number of BRP's raced.

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