need your prayers

Hi all. i am a bit upset. My best friend is in the hospital. He got in an accedent. He was getting worked up for a jump of about 50 feet. It was up a little climb then over a small revigne. As he was getting up the speed he said" God if you dont want me to do this then stop me. We had spotters all around but right about the time he was going 50mph in 4th on his 2 smoke a guy came out of know where and cut in front of him. Aman my friend flew about to feet up the hill and landed unconcious in the sand. We all jumped onto our bikes and rode up and dumped them to check out the two guys. Aman's bike is totalled and the guy's brand new 520 has a major bent swingarm. He was ok but our friend lay unconcious up the hill. When we got to him he came to. We got him to the hospital. He broke the long bones in his hand that connect the wrist to the nuckles. broke them all and dislocated his fingers. His head is ok and he will live but he is in pain. Those who know him know that he is the toughes guy they or i know. He is a stocky 5'9" and weighs about 200. He can bench over 500 and squat over 800. My point is he is a strong guy and a strong minded person and boy can he ride. We are all thinking that he was hanging on so tight to his bike that when he hit and got thrown he didnt let go and he broke his own hand. Cause he hit the bike in the rear. Need less to say it is one of the risks you take riding in an ORV park. it was a no fault accident but my good friend is in pain. Three surgerys later he should be going home soon. I pray for him and hope to get some prayers from all of you if you would. I hope he can ride and work again. thanks all.

Wishes for a fast recovery for Aman, from all here in Colorado :D:):D !!

God Bless


Steve and I wish your friend a speedy recovery..


Sorry to here about your friend, best wishes from PA for a speedy recovery.

GOD BLESS! ~Hitman~

You got it! I hope him all the best for a speedy recovery. Paul

Ouch! Prayers for a speedy recovery coming from this end, that sounds pretty unpleasant. Hope he gets better soon :)

Good luck, Aman. You will be in our prayers. Here's to a fast recovery and a little better luck.


He woulda made it(the jump), I have no doubt!

He is going to make it now as well, thank God!

Best Wishes!!

thanks guys. He came home yesterday. Last surgery out of the way. So he is laying in bed with nothing to do and in pain. That sucks. So i brought him a few choice mags.... like dirt rider, playboy ya know choice material. i also got him the crusty 2000 video and motohead. So he will be busy for a while. But thanks for the prayers and for caring. I showed him what you all wrote. he is touched that guys he has never me are praying for him. Ever seen a grown man cry. thanks again .

Chris L.

Speedy recovery from, "The Boys in Blue" here in IN.


Best wishes to your buddy. The body has amazing recooperative powers. I seperated both shoulders last summer and still managed to ride in the fall. See you in Wallace this fall Chris!


yes sir. i believe you rode with the guy banff boy. He rode the RM250. Do you remember him. I think he went with you all last fall. maybe not. See you in wallace. Let me know when.

Best wishes for a full and fast recovery. My thoughts are with you.

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