2003 WR450 ?

Any word? Will it be a 450? Will it be ligther and have electric start? YZF tank/seat? More flywheel?

I had a 2000 WR400, But stalled it in a race and sold it. I miss it sometimes, but it could be a pain to start after a crash. Always started first kick when cold or stoped with the kill switch.

So will the YZ450 have the magic button as well?

How about a CA green sticker for either? Any rumors on that? Seems KTM just had to lean the jetting out to get there bike to pass. I guess Yamaha isn't haveing any problems selling bikes, so they probably don't feel the pressures that other manufactors do.

A friend of mine and I were talking last night and he heard, (maybe right or wrong), that 2003 WR was still going to be a 426, with a good chance of the magic "Blue Button" being added. Just like 2000, let the YZ go to a 450 and the next year (2004) the WR will follow. Anyone heard anything else???


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