How much oil?

I just got a 1999 yz400 and the clymer manual says i need to put 1.8 quarts of oil into it. However when i put in 1.8 quarts. The dip stick showed that his was too much oil? so how much oil should i put in and im i correct that i fill the oil in at the dip stick in the frame?

did you start it up and let it warm before checking?????

1.8 sounds right. also did you drain the frame and the engine ?

2 different plugs.... and you do start and warm up as posted.

do not screw the dipstick in to check it. and it does fill thru the dipstick hole in the top of the frame.

yes i did start it up and let it run for about 5 minutes before i shut it off nd checked it. It still measuered too much though.

I just got a 1999 yz400 and the clymer manual says i need to put 1.8 quarts of oil into it.
In the first place, it doesn't (or shouldn't) say that. The system holds 1.8 quarts TOTAL, as in when filled from bone dry after a rebuild. It holds roughly 1.6-1.7 after an oil and filter change, and closer to 1.5 if you change oil without doing a filter.

Secondly, be sure you drain all the oil. The bike is a dry sump system, which is why the oil goes in the frame. You must drain both the frame AND the crankcase drain plugs AND the oil filter well to get the entire 1.65 back in.

Thirdly, the correct procedure for the pre-'03 models is to refill, then run the engine to circulate the operational amount of oil back to the crankcase, THEN check the oil at the stick (engine off, stick inserted, but not threaded). Add if needed to the lower end of the full range, then recheck once the bike is fully warmed up.

I was trying to change the oil on my yz400 and can only find the plug on the bottom on the engine just through the hole in the skid plate. I'm assuming this is the engine oil. Where is the frame oil plug? thanks.

On the front of the main down tube, right behind the front wheel, just above where the oil lines connect to the frame.

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