XR650R vs LC4e

I presently ride a stripped down LC4 enduro (not the adventure) but have the opportunity to buy an uncorked XRR in great shape at a pretty reasonable price. My questions is - will the XRR buy me much?

My LC4e is 330 full of gas ready to ride. E-start, fullup subframe for hanging bags, USD forks. Think 625SXC with a cush hub. The XRR has a yoshi, stabilizer, IMS 3.2, stock carb rejetted, and resprung with eibachs for a 200 ponder like myself. Dirt only at present time - will need to be street legalized in Maine (pretty easy).

I ride 50/50 and like to go long distances on or off. Use as a commuter frequently. I'm 6-1" and 200 lbs. I'm not an overly aggressive rider offroad - but like to go anywhere I damn well please. Mostly really badass washedout ATV trails the ATVs don't want anymore

I asked the same question on advrider and didn't get any responses. Has anybody ridden both and have any thoughts?



I honestly don't know.

I have a dual sport 650R with "off road only" knobbies and a few goodies. Its a little sketchy on the freeway but it absolutely rips in dirt. There are only two times I'm not having fun:

1) If I'm on a trail so tight that I can't get out of first gear - Too much work with this big of bike

2) If I'm on a straight road (usually freeway) going in excess of 60MPH for longer than 15 minutes - too boring

If you want to fly at absurd speeds over dirt, the 650R should win. If you want to do some major powerslides at ridiculous speed, the 650R should win again. I'm guessing the KTM will probably have a little better road manners.

i have a dual sported xrr and love it, my brother in law has a sxc625 with the lc4, i rode his and didn't like how tall the seat was and how much vibration the engine put out. the ktm seems to be faster (probably because he is a lot better rider than me) but the xrr seems to tractor up hills better, i dropped mine in some really nasty spots and flooded it, could only get half a kick so the "e" button would of been nice to have. both are great bikes. question is do you want to ride the "big red pig" or the "great pumpkin"

Go with the XR !! You can then join a great forum. You didn't even get one reply at the other (Orange?) forum.

Does the LC4 engine have two oil filters ? One oil circuit and two filters, same as the EXC450s? If so, seems like too much extra work for my liking !:worthy:

Well, the oil change is the ONLY place I see any difference in maintenance. Valves are easy on the KTM as well. Oil change - 2 filters and 3 drains and the frame oil needs to be "burped". OTOH, the KTM has a cush hub rear and 2L of oil instead of 1.5L in the XRR. Oil changes at 3K miles unless ridden really nastily. One more perceived difference is comfort. I've seen guys say the XRL is substantially more comfortable than the XRR. Well, my e is substantially more comfortable than the XRL cause I rode one for an afternoon last summer. Power - my e wheelies easily 1st and 2nd and with technique in 3rd.... and that's with the stock carb. The FCR carb would add a gear to that list.

I put about 1.8 liters of oil in my XRR to get it to the top of the hash marks on the stick. The oil drainage is messy, you have a front frame bolt, a side engine case bolt and all the oil that flows from the oil filter cover. If you have an aftermarket skid plate, it gets in the way for the "Billy Who" funnel and the front frame bolt. I usually make a newspaper dam under the filter cover that directs the oil into the pan. Then when you put it back in, you have to put in about 1 liter, kick it over a few times to throw some oil into the engine case, and then fill it the rest of the way. Othwerise it overflows.

With knobbies, you don't need a cush rear hub.

Comfort is relative to what kind of riding you are doing. I would not want to take a 650L up hill climbs, whoops, and nasty rocks all day. I wouldn't ride any dirt bike on the highway for more than 50 miles if I didn't have to.

Commuting - I can ride my bike 15 minutes to work, but why burn up knobbies and shoes when I can drive my car. Besides, I don't want to wear all the protective gear for a 15 minute ride then take it off just to work. The street accidents where I live are really bad since the average road speed limit is 55 and people routinely blow through stop lights.

I'm not sure a carb would help wheelies out that much. I have a friend that can wheelie up a stock/corked XR250L in 5th gear while standing on the rear pegs doing 40-45 mph. He can also pull a 650R up in 5th gear at 55-60mph and ride it until the carb starts acting up (starving the float bowl?). Its all clutch and weight dynamics. Just have to hump the bike a couple times with a carefully timed clutch tap to pull it up.

I think you are talking your self into keeping the LC4. 20 years ago, having to kick the bike over was no big deal. At 48, the e-start is nice and I see that you are 49. LC4 suspension is nice, great bikes for tall guys.

Thanks Norge. I still kick the LC4e most of the time. It's as easy as my KLX300 to start. Yes, you're right - I have talked myself into keeping the E. Called the owner of the XRR today and asked him to sell to the next guy in line. I know the LC4 is 20+ pounds heavier, but it's not wasted with a beefy subframe, battery and starter. I have my KLX for the really gnarly stuff (like today at lunch time).


The R is a much better bike than a 625 sxc any year all the same mostly.

Don't get me wrong i like KTM's but the SXC is a piece of doo doo.

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