were to ride in Houston 29th- 31st

I'm from Dallas and want to know where to ride in Houston this weekend. I mostly ride and race x-country but I am thinking about checking out the sx track there. It wouldn't hurt to work on my jumping. Wheres it located? Does it get crowded? Is it open on Friday? Thanks.

Is there any nice long x-counrty track close by too.


Just north of Houston there are 2 tracks right on the Interstate Highway coming from Dallas..

Look to your left as you come into Willis,TX and look to your right 2 exits south of Conroe,TX. These 2 tracks about 30 miles north of Houston.

There are at least 5 good tracks in the Houston area.

I am riding at Splendora on Friday (it is supposed to rain Sat and Sun) There will be about 5 friends of mine there ranging from beginner-expert level riders! Let me know if you are interested and want directions! Later,


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