02 650xr unused value

this is a 02 650 with dualsport kit . this thing is like new . speedo reads 70 mi . owner is wondreing what its worth , as he dont use it :worthy:

About $500!!! I'll pay you now for it. :worthy:

I would say $3500-4500!

The does not come with an odometer, but a re-setable trip meter. It will not reflect actual miles, but the last ride distance most likely. If it is a real speedo, then still, when was it installed?

If it was stored correctly I would take a guess at $ 3500.00

If it is typical, about $ 2800.00

There are lots of low milage XRR's across the country.

i rode it today . this thing is very nice :worthy:

I lucked out and found a dual sport 02 with really low miles/hours. Its dual sport kit was hacked together with no speedo, stock light, battery/no DC regulator (no charging), and a horn. I think it was the minimum to pass inspection with stuff that was later removed (like GPS for speedo). The bike was an ok deal at $3900, but a decent deal in CA considering the pain it is to find a good unthrashed dual sport.

I wouldn't pay much above blue book for it unless it has extras like pipe, guards, tank, cam, after market suspension, etc. The dual sport kit ranges from $150 for a hacked together system to $500-ish for an entire kit. Be careful with dual sports because road use usually leaves a bike looking way newer than it might be. This is because it doesn't see dirt or have MX boots rubbing up against the frame and motor. After its warm, give it a few revs in neutral and see if any smoke comes out when you close the throttle as you are twisting it open/close.

Here is some stuff to think about when you take another look at it.

How do the engine side case covers look? How shiny are the rims? Are the tires the stock factory tires? Any leakage on the suspension seals? Any corrosion from riding and not washing? How does the air filter look. If its a K&N, its crap for off-road use. How does the oil look? On the XR650R, you need to warm it up for a few minutes before the oil level is ok to check due to the dry sump system. Was it uncorked? How much more cash do you think you would put into it before its the bike you want to ride (Bars, Tires, Guards, Tank, Pipe, Cam, Suspension work, Dual Sport kit)?

Good luck with your possible purchase.

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