175lb XR650R

Holy sheit.

If money was no object, a feller could use beryllium alloys for the frame, bars, fork sliders, subframe, etc., and save more weight.

You might be able to push the cost of the bike to a million or more using stuff fabricated with beryllium - one of the more unobtainable unobtainium metals.


I believe that Intermediate Modulus Carbon Fiber presently has the strongest specific strength for practical engineering materials. This means it has the highest strength relative to density. There are other additives such as boron fibers or high modulous carbon fibers for increased stiffness, but I think it starts to decrease the specific strength of the composite.

Copper-Beryllium has been used in high performance propellers and crane hooks for quite a while due to its very high tensile strength but I believe it is a very dense alloy which hampers the specific strength characteristics.

In college, I worked on a race car team that made some very light-weight and high performance stuff. The school I went to made a custom dry sump 510 cc V-8 out of two Australian Ninja 250 heads, pistons and custom machined everything else. This was built the year after I graduated. They found that some steel and many bearing materials (such as con rods) are very necessary. Anyway, its a sweet competition and my school is one of the few that uses primarily aerospace materials. Titanium, Phenolic Honeycomb, Aluminum Honeycomb, Carbon Fiber, Carbon-Kevlar weave (just because it looks so cool on the custom transmission), 4130/4340 Cromoly, 7050 Aluminum, and Epoxy to cover most of it.

Link Below:


If you look close, one of the bottom pictures is another project, a 400+ Horsepower Turbo 3 liter V-12 with a carbon fiber block. I'm not sure if it is finished yet. The picture shows it before it went out for filament winding to make the cylinder barrel houseings. It has cylinder barrels that attach to the heads first and then drop into the block. It was supposed to weigh less than 250 lbs fully assembled long block with the turbo.

If you search around a little bit, the car before (V28) was a turbo 600cc (CBR600F2) running on Methanol-race gas blend (M85) with an approximate 140 octane equivalency.

That husky is insane. I think I would rather buy a Ducati 1098R if I was to spend that much on a bike though.

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