Hid stock headlight

I was at a 24 hour race a couple weeks ago and one guy had converted a KTM halogen stock headlight to a HID. Any one know how to do this, and what modifications it willl take to the stator? I have the '07 Wr 450 and would like to convert mine. I found a website that sells HID components http://fashtek.com/product.html

Any help is appritiated.

The price seems right, but putting HID bulb in the stock reflector may gibe you a brighter light, but may not make the beam project much further.

You need a big reflector for lots of light, but may be worth a try for 200 bucks.

Looks to me like it's only $100.

I would like to know Randy if you do it and it works..


I think I would call them and ask if that will work on 12 volts ac . the ballast may not ac voltage ,seeing how they were designed for use in cars with cd curcuits . If don't just get the baja designs stator rewire kit and regulator kit I put one on my 2007 wr 450 and the lights are better ,It only took me about an hour or so and I soldered all the connections so there was on chance of shaking loose. I'd like one of those too . the stock light is a little dim with a 35 watt high beam

I went throughh this entire analysis last year and ended up buying a helmet light for a lot cheaper than messing with the headlight on the bike.


It halogen and not HID. But its saved me a ton of money and time and it works great.

I can see everything.

I went throughh this entire analysis last year and ended up buying a helmet light for a lot cheaper than messing with the headlight on the bike.


It halogen and not HID. But its saved me a ton of money and time and it works great.

I can see everything.

Knowing Randy and the race he is referring to, you can out run a Halogen helmet light real quick. Massive light beam is required to run at such speeds.

Halogen Helmet light is excellent for night time woods riding :worthy:

Thanks Don:ride: I think your right. We should be able to build one of these for around a $100. I dont know if we will stator mods to accomplish the right imput of wattage needed. I have heard one would need 50 DC watts or more to run and HID. Our bikes only put out 35 if I am not mistaken (and most likely I am). I am not sure if floating the ground will give us the amount of current needed to run the HID. Hopefully someone who knows more about electical will let us know what is needed. I am hoping once I get this figured out I can post pics so we all will know how to do it.

I have a trail Tech HID helmet light already. http://www.trailtech.net/SCMR16_helmet_light_kits.html Thanks for the info so far.

the floating ground setup makes your stator put out 1 circuit with like 70 watts . instead of two circuits with 35 watts each.

I have been looking at doing a H.I.D. conversion for my 2003 WR450.

I don't know if the two circuit are 35 watts each.

Baja Design states stock is 100 AC and 25 DC.

They sell a rewound stator with 130 watts DC.

Then you still need ground float and

Baja Designs voltage regulator.

I have been running a 45/45 bulb which is better then stock.

Now that I have seen Baja Design stating you have 100 watts AC.

I bet one could easily run a 55/60 bulb with the stock stator.


From working on Arei's lighting I know the following. The stock electrical is 35 watts AC that runs only the head light and is not connected to the battery. The DC circuit charges the battery for the electric start.

The HID light requires that you hook it to the battery (DC), but the 35 watt DC charging will not keep up with the HID so your battery will go dead. You need to get the stator mod so your stator is putting its full out put to DC and charging the battery. At this point you have no AC and all lighting and electrical is run from the battery. I'd call Baja designs and let them know what you are trying to do. I see no way around the stator mod.

BULLPOO. I have h6 HID lights in my 03 kfx400 and my 04 Z250. It projects way farther. when I go ride everyone asks me where to get them from. As a matter of fact I'm about to order a set for a guy at work who just bought a new brute force 750...as soon as we find out what kind of bulb it takes.....if not, I'll build the bulb like I did on my Z250. BTW...HID lights are freakin awsome. buy em....you'll love them.

Also, keep in mind HID only uses more power for about the first 30 sec. after that...it uses about half of a reg light.

I just did this exact mod to my KTM 525 in the stock H4 housing. The light output is incredible and the hi/lo beam makes riding on the street a pleasure. All I did to my stator was float the ground.

How hot does the HID run. I have fears of melting the housing or lens cover.

Not hot enough to melt plastic.

Any where on here you can show how you did it? Where did you get the HID bulb, ballast, ect.

Ya, I'll get some pics and do a little wrightup this week.

I appritiate it.

Here are a couple pics. I'm actually thinking of importing this kit and sellling them.

It took me several weeks to find good quality parts that weren't made in China.

This is an actual hi/lo bulb with a magnetic solnoid.

You do have to covert your stator to full DC and use a regulator/rectifier. It also take some modifing of the headlight housing to get the back of the bulb to clear the steering head and to get the correct angle.



I have floated my ground last week and I am waiting for my regulator/rectifier to be here Wednesday. Great pics!:thumbsup: It liiks very clean. I am ready to go just need to know how it was done and where you got the parts. PM me if you want. Thanks!

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