Hid stock headlight


The light works great. Great focal point, I rode easily at 50mphon the roads, and in the trails it was outstanding with a wider angle than my helmet light put out for a much broader view.

For the money, its well worth it.:thumbsup:

Sounds great Randy, So your out a little stator work (by your own hands) and for a $50 regulator, $42 ballist and igniter ($85 for two), $20 for an on/off switch and the bulb comes with or is bought seperate? And what did you determine for the heat in your original light housing, too much or perfectly safe? And how was the bike at idle to low rpm's with the lights, changing in brightness or not? Thanks, Jason

Yes $112 total. The light works the same at idle, if fact the starter does not shut it off when starting the bike, but does kill my helmet light momentarily. There seems to be no heat issues. I felt the lens of the housing after the ride and it was luke warm at best.

Do you have a high/low function with the HID set up?

No! These are a single filiment bulb.

Hey, did you use the stock tailight or do you have to get a different one based on the modification change in the stator? Thanks, Jason

I think I will do this but I have to much going on right now so I will probably be coming back to you when I get some time and money for it!! Thanks for all the great info ya all!!


You dont have to touch your taillight.

Good luck!

Thanks Randy, get back with you when some money falls in my lap! Jason

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