WR Commuter

I ride my WR on the street, lots of fun... I wouldn't go for hours and hours on the road non-stop, but I would ride it oround Austrlia if I could... You may want to get a tooth bigger Front Sprocket, just to ease the revs at high speed...

Maybe you want to install the New GYRT Carbon Fibre cup holders - stop at Starbucks on the way...LOL


I have the White Brothers Titanium/carbon fiber turnsignals coming. Heard they add 4 HP (1 hp each). :)

Ok, I got's a question.

Besides lot's of money for tires, is their any "major" drawbacks to using the WR426 as a part time commuter?? My commute to work is only about 6 or 7 miles each way, and would love to save the miles on my Tacoma. Besides, there is no better way to start a morning than to fire up the beast!

I really only ride trails, and my WR is the only bike I have for the time being. I'm not lucky enought to own a street bike just yet, but will as soon as possible :D:) !

Comments or insight appreciated, Oh, and feel free to call me a wuss, if you wish, for such a lame question (board at work :D:D ).


Dodger :D:D

You certainly can commute on the WR - my '99 is street legal but I only ride it on the pavement to connect the trails. Take it easy on the shifting under power since the bike doesn't have a cush drive hub.

After a couple commute trips I think the novelty would wear off and I'd be back to driving the truck or riding a bicycle. That and my ass would hurt too much....


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