Acrebis 22L tank help XR650L

Hey Guys,

My first post so go easy on me. Last week I picked up a 97 650L for cheap. It is/was in fair to poor shape but is coming around with a lot of work. The biggest problem was the gas tank. It is shot. Full of rust and petcock gone. I ordered and just received an Acrebis 22L replacement. The install instructions are terrible. It seems that it will not sit down in place due to the stock tank mounts. I am talking about the studs that stick out from the frame and the stock cups ride on. Is it just me or do y’all have any pointers. I have searched the thread and all I found was that the tank fits if you move the turn signals and rectifier. I did see somewhere that “old style” Acrebis tanks might require grinding the studs off. I would prefer not doing this. Thanks for the help in advance.


You have the wrong tank! You have a tank for the xr 600.

I guess that could be. I ordered it new. The plastic bag over the tank in the box had a label for the 650L. Also the forward mount points have three three insets on each side and one of them is marked 650. Do you still think I might have the wrong one? Thanks again.

If you are saying the tank does not have the grooves for the pegs/ rubber stoppers, then you have the wrong tank. The rubber stoppers slide into grooves on the underside of the tank. The 600 has mounting brackets vs the grooves.

Sounds like I have the wrong tank.:worthy: I guess I will need to call the vendor in the morning. Do ya know if there is a model # stamped on the the tank? There are a bunch of numbers stamped on the underside. If so, which is the correct #. Many thanks for the help.

Sorry I dont. Good luck!

If you've got a digital camera, take some photos of the underside of both the new tank and the old tank and point out the differences.

Like they say, a picture is worth 1k words.

Someone here who has the same tank may recognize the difference right off the bat, and if nothing else, you can use the pics as evidence to email whoever you bought it from.

Good luck with it.

That's normal for the acerbis 6-gallon tank. It does not use the snubbies on the frame at all, and even after you remove the rubber pieces, the ends of the teats that hold the rubber pieces hit the inside of the tank.

Despite the funky fit (you heat the tank and spread it a bit) and the terrible instructions, the acerbis tank is quite good (I hear).

I think you can search out more details on fitting this huge beast on 4strokes.


Well thats good and bad news. That means the new tank sitting in my shed actually will fit. Sorry for being wrong, but there was two different part #'s when checking. I will have to actually throw it on next time.

Well thats good and bad news. That means the new tank sitting in my shed actually will fit. Sorry for being wrong, but there was two different part #'s when checking. I will have to actually throw it on next time.

Mind you it could still be wrong, its just that the right one can look not-so-right!

I did not mount mine, I decided it was just too big for what I wanted to do.

I still need to get a 4-4.5 gallon tank, just too cheap, and the rides around here too short for it to be a hard requirement.


I thought about taking some pics but cant find the camera to computer line. :worthy: So I dig out the old camera and the batteries are dead.:worthy: Finally got some pics and hope this helps. I am very nervouse about the "teats" wearing through the plastic tank over time. I am willing to try that after y'all get a look at the pics and there is no opposing opinion. Thanks a bunch for sharing the knowledge.

I had to get it out of the shed and look. It is just like yours. The under belly is stamped 650 600 250 next to the 3 nuts. The label from acerbis says for the Xr600. I would check before being happy with it!

I did send an email to acerbis tech. He replied that it is the correct tank. Said to heat it up on pry the sides out and press it on over the "teats". Said it would be a tight fit. I have done so and tight is a good description. I cant quite get 1 of the forward lower mounts bolted up. I gave up and headed to the bar. I will try again tomorrow and let y'all know how it goes. Thanks for the help.


It would be tempting to put some big rubber/plastic washers around the teats so the tank rides on those, instead of the teat.


Finally got that big sucker on the bike. :worthy: I ended up leaving the rubber grommet, that the stock tank rides on, on the teats to prevent damage to the tank. I got a buddy to help and we just pulled the two wings apart and the tank went on over them. I spent several hours trying to figure out why 1 of the lower front mounts would not line up. It was about an half an inch to high. After trying several different tactics to get the mount in place I discovered that the cross bar the comes with the mount hardware and bolts over the upper engine mount was the issue. I ended up tilting this piece as far back as it would go and "reengineering" the shape of it on one end. (I hit it with a hammer to flatten it just a little.) I should have taken a couple pics but I am not going to take the tank back off to just do so. Long story short, the tank is on. By the way, The bike fired right up. While I was reassembling it I had gone ahead and done daves mods, pulled the snorkel and added a Uni filter along with a whole bunch of other odds and ends. I cant compare it to before since this is the first time it has run but seems to pull real well. May need to go up one jet on the pilot as it is popping a little but good so far. Now if the tail light and turn signals I have on order will get here.

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